Company Data


1986 as one-man company


Export-/ intl. portion:

Export markets:



Europe, America, Asia, Africa


Kommerzialrat Ing. Albert Blecha

Stefan Blecha

Beate Heck ( maiden name Blecha)

Bernhard Blecha


Katharina Ganster

Doris Haselbacher

Bettina Geier, Authorized Signatory

Beate Heck, Authorized Signatory

Michaela Bauer, Authorized Signatory

Line of business


Automotive supply industry




Company profile

The international commercial enterprise specializes in aluminium products and supplies today in 60 countries world-wide.

The own truck pool, now 11 trucks, provides daily service for domestic customers.

6 high rack warehouses erected on the company-owned premises (40.000 m2), a new office-building and two truck service centers.


  • Aluminium pipe fittings, used by tank- and bulk-vehicle manufacturers word-wide.
  • Aluminium fence-systems, offered for fence manufacturers in Europe.
  • Aluminiumprofiles and -tubes up to 18 m length
  • Among the customers are plant manufacturers for conveying systems, mostly operators or builders of conveying systems for synthetic granules. Many components and accessory parts are available.

Products and services

Stock program

  • More than 2800 aluminium standard profiles and -tubes, extruded, drawn and welded. Special profiles according to customers drawing
  • Aluminium bars for CNC-machining (also plates)
  • Pipe fittings: elbows, equal tees, reducers, thread fittings and flanges
  • Fence systems: fence laths, picket fences, forged fences
  • Accessory parts for conveying systems
  • Sheets: blank, coated, anodised tread plates (chequer plates) and perforated plates


  • Aluminium cross-sections up to 630 x 540 mm cutting possible. Mitre cuts on profiles possible up to Ø 270 mm
  • CNC-machining: turning, milling, threads, bending of profiles and tubes.

The native speaking sales personnel in this traditionally family-owned company communicates in their mother language and is able to negotiate and bill in 11 languages at the moment, even in Cyrillic for Russians.

Company history

June 1986

Foundation of one-man company Ingrid Leopoldine Blecha metal merchandise trading in Ternitz

March 1988

Leasing of a storehouse (273 m2) from Austrian Railway Company at the railway station in Neunkirchen

July 1991

Foundation of company Ingrid Blecha Ges.m.b.H.

March 1992

Purchase of the business premises of 3.356 m2 in Neunkirchen, Föhrenwaldstrasse

June 1992

Construction of the office building and warehouse of 1.179 m2

May 1993

Relocation into the new building


Annex to the office and warehouse

March 2003

Purchase of business premises of 15.958 m2 in 2620 Neunkirchen, Triftweg 102

August 2003

Start of construction on Triftweg 102

December 2003

Construction of storehouse #1 of 2.000 m2

November 2004

Construction of storehouse #2 of 2.000 m2

March 2005

Expansion of existing business premises at Triftweg to 24.931 m2 in total

November 2005

Construction of storehouse #3 of 2.322 m2

December 2006

Mounting of the crane construction at storehouse #3, Triftweg 102

Spring 2007

Start of construction of office building at Triftweg of 1800 m2 floor space

August 2007

State award given by  the Federal Minister Dr. Martin Bartenstein

July 2008

Relocation into the new building

October 2008

Retirement of managing director Ing. Albert Blecha

Bestowal of ring of honor of Neunkirchen town to Ing. Albert Blecha through mayoress Mrs. Gutterding

November 2008

Extension of the business area at Triftweg of 3.300 m2 to a total of 28.600 m2

December 2008

Startup of mitre circular saw with blade diameter of 450 mm

February 2009

Purchase of 6.300 m2 agricultural area and 3.300 m2 forests – plan for rededication is filed for, building land at Triftweg is augmented to about 36.000 m2

March 2009

Installation of subsurface circular saw with blade diameter of 700 mm

May 2009

Startup of automatic cutting line with circular saw for mass cuttings, blade diameter of 400, 500 and 600 mm

July 2009

Admission to the network of Austrian Leading Companies.

Groundbreaking for construction of Hall 4 of 2.000 m2 and of truck-garage of 1.000 m2

August 2009

Installation of automatic fully hydraulic heavy-duty bandsaw for diameters up to 540 mm

February 2010

Registration of 2 trucks 3,5 tons and 1 truck 12 tons

March 2010

Finishing of Hall 4 and truck-garage

April 2010

Startup of 2 new four-way trucks

June 2010

Second winner of the „Export trophy 2010“ during the export day organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

July 2010

Foundation of 100 % -subsidiary company Blecha Kft in Hungary

September 2010

Startup of 2 new forklifts

November 2010

Formal visit of Federal Minister for Women and Civil Service Mrs. Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek

December 2010

Finish of alteration works on former location Föhrenwaldstraße into staff accommodations.

Presentation of klima:aktiv award for energy efficiency by Federal Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich

Installation of new software-version of our ERP

Energy savings device for illumination in storehouses

January 2011

3. winner at Neuland-Award presented by EcoPlus, commercial agency of Lower Austria

April 2011

Registration of 1 truck 18 tons and 1 truck 12 tons

Bestowal of the Golden Badge of Honor of the province Lower Austria upon Ing. Albert Blecha by governor Dr. Erwin Pröll


May 2011

Second winner of the „Export trophy 2011“ during the 9th export day organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

July 2011

Bestowal of title Kommerzialrat upon Ing. Albert Blecha by State Secretary Josef Ostermayer

January 2012

Nomination of two new Managers and Authorized Signatories

February 2012

Ground-breaking ceremony for storehouse #6 visited by the 1. President of the National Council, Mag. Barbara Prammer

25th anniversary of company Blecha

March 2012

Start of construction for warehouse #6

October 2012

Mrs. Blecha wins the 3rd rank in category of businesswomen in the industrial area “MOVE ON NOE PLUS” of the social-democratic economic association Lower Austria (20 years successful leading a company).

January 2013

Completion message of warehouse 6 (4800 m²) with photovoltaic system (made from our own photovoltaic profiles)

March 2013

construction of a storage tower

March/April 2013

Commissioning of the new warehouse with automatic storage system

October 2013

Groundbreaking in Hungary for the construction of a logistics centre with 7000 m² of warehouse space.

June 2014

Opening of the logistic centre in Daruszentmiklós

1st place at the export award  2014 on the occasion of the Export Day of Austria’s Economic Chamber

December 2014

Purchase of the access road to Blecha  Daruszentmiklós. Renaming the street, due to a decision of the local council,  to "Blecha utca".

February 2015

Registration of a new Daily

March 2015

A significant expansion of our fleet: registration of the new semi-trailer (16t). Transport of profiles and bars up to 13,6 m (16 m) length possible.

May 2015

Awarding of the environmental certificate MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2004 for the Hungarian Kft.

July 2015

Award of the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate by TÜV Süd. Therefore we are now an ISO 9001 certified company.

November 2015

BLECHA Austria is the winner in the category "Goldener Mittelbau" [medium-sized companies] of the ALC Austrian Leading Companies in Lower Austria 2015. The prize was awarded by Wirtschaftsblatt, PwC Austria and KSV1870 at Casino Baden.

March 2016

Purchase of a Czech Company which became the branch Blecha CZ s.r.o. in Czech Republic, located in Svitavy.

March 2016

March 2017