Blecha the company offers its own system for Aluminium Fences

Please click here for our comprehensive range of Aluminium Profiles for Aluminium Fences. Here you can get information as a private person for our finished Aluminum Fences as well as a business enterprise through our Blecha-Aluminium Fence System. Here you will find a wide range of Fencing Panels with matching Caps, Lath Supporters, Cover Strips, Palisades, Fence Frames, accessories for Fencing and a separate Forged Aluminum Fencing Program with decorative Rods, hammered Tubes and decorative elements.

Here you are guaranteed to find the right Profile for your garden fence, your gate or balcony made out of Aluminium. Through the various elements you have the opportunity to put together your individual garden fence. We stock many Fence Profiles for a stylish privacy Sight Protection Fence. Just browse through our gallery.

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