From our FLUTZ Profiles, Oval and Round Tubes on to the Z-and U-Profiles up to the Special Profiles


In our fully-stocked range of Standard Aluminium Profiles (FLUTZ profiles) in the alloy EN AW 6060 you are guaranteed to find the appropriate size. Whether Round Tube, Angle, U-Profile, T-Profile, Z-Profile, Square and Rectangular Tubes (with bar or radius), Triangular Tubes, Oval Tubes, C-Profiles, H- Profiles and I-Beams, we have everything promptly from our stock. But also Special Profiles for the automotive construction, construction of advertising displays, photovoltaic, insect repellent, aviary construction and similar can be found here.

We also store Round Bars, Square Bars, Flat Bars and Hexagon Bars in the aluminium alloys EN AW 2007, EN AW 6082, EN AW 6060, EN AW 5083 and EN AW 1050. All Bars are available for you at any time.

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